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What is digital printing? Digital printing is a new way of printing that uses laser and inkjet technologies developed during the personal computer revolution.

Digital machines can run jobs directly from design software. Bypassing the plating and setup processes of traditional printing.

Since they don’t require the time and maintenance of other print processes. They are able to run jobs that are not cost effective using older print technologies. These new technologies allow South Street Digital to print on demand and in smaller quantities than traditional printing presses.

Another benefit of our digital press is services that used to mean complicated offline equipment setups and costly additional charges can now be accomplished in a single machine operation. This means time and money saved for our customers.

Bleeds and borders ­ Please extend graphics 1/8 inch beyond finished edge on all sides i.e. 8.5" x 11" becomes 8.75" x 11.25"”. This will prevent white edges or artwork being cut undersize. We recommend ¼ inch spacing from edges of artwork for critical text and images to prevent accidental cutoff.

Additional artwork charges may apply if corrections need to be made.

Acceptable File Formats ­ The Adobe PDF format is preferred for artwork. Artwork intended for printing should be in CMYK color and at 300 dpi for best results. Indesign .Indd files, photoshop .PSD and Illustrator .AI and .EPS files are also acceptable. Please ensure that all graphics are embedded in the artwork and not linked. Text provided with fonts other than system fonts cannot be edited by us unless font is supplied. Microsoft Word .Doc files are acceptable for text copy but not recommended for graphics. Excel .Csv and .XLS files are acceptable for addressing lists.

Proofs ­ Email proof in PDF or .Jpg format is standard. We do recommend a physical proof for color critical applications. We can deliver or overnight drop ship physical proofs to you for an additional fee.

UV Coating ­ is a liquid laminate applied just after printing and cured by UV lights. It is specially formulated to provide additional protection against sun fading, scuffing and abrasive scratching to your marketing materials. It can be applied to one or both sides of gloss cover weight paper. The additional cost is minimal and ensures that you get the most out of your printing investment.

Color ­ Colors displayed on a backlit emissive surface like an LCD computer screen will tend to be brighter than a printed surface. This means your artwork, especially photographs, will appear darker in print than they do on your computer screen.

If your artwork requires spot colors such as Pantone colors, please let us know.



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