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Check List

Our Check List

Your order is in good hands with us. After you place your order with South Street Digital, our printing experts run your order through our 20-point quality checklist.

  1. Text and image safety: You don´t want your text or images to get cut off, do you? We make sure your text and images are within the safety lines.

  2. Bleeds: We ensure that all your artwork is placed up to the bleed line and cut line to ensure proper cutting.

  3. Size: Size matters! We want to make sure that your image fits the size you selected for your printed piece.

  4. Resolution: We want to help you keep your resolutions. In order to make sure your printed piece looks its best, your image needs to be at least 300 DPI (dots per inch).

  5. Borders: We inspect the borders on your printed pieces, which should be at least 1/4-inch thick, plus 1/8-inch bleed for a total size of 3/8-inch thick.

  6. Colors options: We offer 4/4 (four color front, four color back), 4/1 (four color front, one color back), and 4/0 (four color front and blank black). We inspect your printed piece and make sure it´s printing with the correct color options.

  7. Double crop marks: Don´t double up! You do not need to use crop marks when printing; however, if you do, our prepress experts make sure your image is centered and cover the crop marks so they do not show up on your final image.

  8. Key lines (also known as holding lines): The key to key lines is you shouldn´t see them. We check to ensure that there are no key lines showing in your printed piece.

  9. Rich Black: When you want an area of solid black within a document, 100% Black (K) will not result in a solid, saturated black. You should use Rich Black, which is made by mixing other colors of ink with black ink to produce a much darker, deeper black on press than can be achieved by using black ink alone. To create rich black on pieces printed, your CMYK calibration values must be 50% Cyan (C), 40% Magenta (M), 40% Yellow (Y), and 100% Black (K).

  10. Drop outs: Don´t be a drop out! We review your piece for faded or eliminated color and copy, unless it is by design.

  11. Watermarks: We inspect your printed piece for watermarks, which is a translucent logo in paper usually created to prevent counterfeiting.

  12. Illegal images: It´s OK for design to push the envelope, but it shouldn´t break the law. South Street Digital is unable to print sexually or violently explicit materials.

  13. Orientation: We assume you want all your images to face in the correct direction, and not upside-down or backwards, so we check for that as well, unless it is by design.

  14. Perforation/score safety: We check for proper perforation and score placement.

  15. Hole drill: Drill, baby, drill. For products such as booklets, door hangers, etc., we check for proper hole placement.

  16. Indicia: If your printed piece is being mailed, we check for a correct indicia.

  17. Mailing area: We make sure that your direct mail products include a mailing area that falls within USPS guidelines.

  18. Image centered: We don´t want our customers to suffer from an image problem. We check that your image is centered properly so your printed piece looks just the way you want it.

  19. FPO provided: What kind of place is this? If you are printing a die-cut or foil-stamped piece, or if you printed a piece with hold drilling, scoring or a perforation, we look for your "For Placement Only" file for printing.

  20. Final Read Over: We give your project one final read over before we print and before we ship or deliver it to you.

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